pisces january 13 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

Were you born on the cusp, or in between two zodiac signs? Do you feel Sagittarius/Capricorn Cusp (Approximately December 18th to 24th).

Champion horse trainer in for very difficult emotional phase from Pluto-Moon attack. April crucial, then in , Jan, Aug, Nov. Domestic issues notable and not a time to be speculating. Extremely vulnerable late March, mid-Sept and late Jan Major emotional chaos from Uranus attacking his Moon and Jupiter until April April ,June, Sept and Dec crucial.

Pisces horoscope

Leading jockey behaving erratically with crazy Uranus attacking his Mercury,Venus and Mars in autumn. Feb, March, May significant. Turmoil continues for champion Australian jumps rider with erratic Uranus hovering over his Mercury and Mars positions. Jan, March, May, July, Dec notable. Much care needed for April 9,10,11 borns with revolutionary Pluto anti the Sun. Chaos for April 19,20 borns with erratic Uranus over the Sun.

Pakistan cricket coach thriving in early March from an awesome Uranus-Jupiter trine. Cambridge horse trainer enhanced by awesome Pluto and Uranus phases next 3 years.

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May, Nov and March particularly chaotic. Uranus-Jupiter career turmoil for Aussie politician ends in April but replaced by awesome, advancing Pluto trines to his Sun and Mercury until late Massive and difficult personal restructuring for volatile, gifted jockey with Pluto cramping his Mars between Jan and Nov.

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Chaotic times for April 21,22 borns with erratic Uranus over the Sun. Many positives from a powerful Pluto-Sun trine for May 10,11,12 birthdays. Health issues continue, with difficult personal changes from Uranus-Ascendant attack. April especially challenging, also Dec and Jan March, May, Oct crucial.

Emotional turbulence for the tennis champ with Uranus atop his Moon in the 6 th House of health. Watch for injuries in May, Oct and March Disgraced Melbourne, catholic figurehead facing paedophile charges and severely hampered by Neptune hampering his Mars and Sun. Feb, April, June, Dec very stressful.

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Champion Melbourne jockey very frustrated and less productive with Pluto antagonising Mars. Jan, Aug, Nov crucial. Confusion and weakening for June 5,6,7 borns with Neptune harassing the Sun. Unbelievably difficult year for the high-earning basketballer, with Neptune crunching Venus and Mars and Pluto whacking his Mercury.

Famous wife experiencing massive personal restructuring until Oct with Pluto attacking her Mars and Sun. Major off-year for troubled rugby league star with Pluto-Sun attack between Feb and Dec. May, Oct and March crazy from Uranus zooming atop his Mars. May, July, Aug, Oct crucial.

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Destructive Pluto anti the Sun hinders July 12,13,14 birthdays and Uranus unpredictability for July Bliss, though and good fortune for July 6,7, 8 borns from Neptune-Sun enhancement. Major upheaval around Aug. Tennis champ hounded by Uranus-Node and Saturn-Jupiter issues. Feb, June, Sept , Nov crucial. Positive Saturn trines for Feb, June, Nov of before his biggest year from a pinnacle of progressions around Oct Crucials in include Jan, March, Aug, Dec.

June, July, Sept, Oct, Nov crucial. Mr Boring of the rugby media improves a lot after March. The Neptune-Venus and Uranus-Mars harassment of seasons past is over. Major setbacks for rugby coach with Neptune whacking his Mars around April and Aug. Major life upheavals for veteran racing commentator-Scorpio Moon possessor with Pluto assaulting his Node and Jupiter until December.

Gun cricketer over the Neptune-Mercury issues of , but still chaos in March with Uranus attacking his Jupiter. Feb, June and Nov successful from Saturn-Sun trine. Uranus trining Jupiter and Mercury as well in Horse racing great in for incredible and difficult changes with Pluto assaulting his Jupiter, Node and Mars, and Neptune-Moon confusion. Health must be watched, especially in March, Aug and Jan Sept 7,8,9 borns will be confused and weakened from Neptune-Sun attack. Improvements for Aug 24,25 birthdays from Uranus-Sun trine and even better for Sept 12,13,14 people from the awesome Pluto-Sun trine.

Veteran jockey slows appreciably under Pluto-Jupiter disorganisation next 2 years. March, April, May, Dec and Jan very difficult. High-profile partner facing major and difficult changes from Uranus attacking his Sun and Mars. West Indies cricket coach hampered by Pluto-Mercury negativity until December. Massive downers for the evil Israeli with Pluto attacking his Moon. Jan, March, Aug, Nov crucial.

Jan, April, July, Nov, Dec crucial. Massive directional changes April, July, Aug crucial, also early April Cricket coach hampered by Uranus anti his Mercury and Mars positions. March, May, June, Oct crucial.

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Saturn-Venus problems restrict his happiness in Feb, May, Nov. Mentally-ill blogger with more depression problems from Pluto attacking his Mercury until Nov Major troubles in close relationship matters from Neptune confusing his Venus until Dec Neptune-Sun problems bring more confusion in Head of the catholic church subject to massive and difficult personal restructuring from Pluto-Mars and Uranus-Midheaven attacks. Major close relationship issues before the Pluto-Jupiter trine supervises a positive new life Icon of scattiness and neuroticism with many close relationship issues from Uranus-Venus attacks.

Assistance for Dec 21 borns from Uranus-Sun trine but confusion and weakening for Dec 7,8,9 from Neptune-Sun harassment.

Coaching legend in for massive slow down with Uranus-Mercury complications and a difficult Solar progression. April, July, Sept, Nov, Dec notable.

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Australian jumps jockey making great advancement under an awesome Pluto-Ascendant trine. Pleasant surprise on September 8. Ex-prime minister seriously restricted from Saturn squashing his Venus, Mars and Sun positions. More productive in with positive Uranus trines to Mars and the Sun.


Massive close relationship issues for the rugby great with Uranus-Mars and Neptune-Venus attacks until Feb March, April, May, July, Sept crucial. Massive restructuring in home and family matters with Pluto squashing her Sun until Nov Major emotional challenges from Pluto-Moon attack through Uranus-Sun reversals for Jan 19, 20 birthdays and major personal restructuring for Jan 10,11,12 from Pluto over the Sun.

April very crucial, also Aug and serious from Nov to Feb May, Oct, March crucial with Uranus-Venus issues in as well. Rugby league legend with many emotional problems from Pluto attacking his Moon. Feb, June, Dec crucial. Destiny church leader subject to major personal restructuring next 2 years with Uranus anti his Jupiter and Venus, with Pluto crushing his Mercury. June, Sept crucial, also March Chaos for Jan 21,22 borns with Uranus attacking the Sun. Feb to July crucial, also Dec and Jan Television face with major and difficult lifestyle change next 2 years from Jupiter-Neptune progressions.

Blissful Neptune weakens March 5,6,7 borns while passing over the Sun.