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Were you born on the cusp, or in between two zodiac signs? Do you feel Sagittarius/Capricorn Cusp (Approximately December 18th to 24th).

Not only is determining your own unique design style a true process of trial and error—who else remembers their tacky first apartment? There are so many nuances when it comes to finalizing a signature look and go-to home store, which is why maybe you should consider getting a little extra help: Might we suggest turning to the stars? Ahead, check out the best home decor store for you based on your zodiac sign, courtesy of Kyle Thomas, resident astrologer at lifestyle brand Love By Luna. Slash Objects. The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries are characterized by their bold and ambitious nature—they always want to be ahead of the trend.

Slash Objects is a sleek interpretation of mixing metals, colors, and materials in a dramatic way, which is perfect for this fiery sign. Magnolia by Chip and Joanna Gaines. A Taurus is a bucolic, serene bull. They love to be surrounded by items that remind them of the earth and all it entails. The Citizenry.

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Chatty, friendly, and maybe a little mysterious, Geminis are the ultimate social butterflies. Pottery Barn. Cancers are highly intuitive and ruled by the moon, which represents self-care, comfort, and maternal energies. Pottery Barn exemplifies a classic style that allows for a cozy feel at an affordable price point, giving Cancers the opportunity to really indulge. The king or queen of the celestial jungle, Leos are vivacious, confident, and passionate.

How to Design Your Home Based on Your Astrological Sign – domino

Perfectionist Virgo appreciates sensitivity and attention to detail. This reserved earth sign loves to be busy and focus on the here and now, which is why contemporary styles work best for their homes. As a water sign ruled by Mars, you are driven, sensual, and mysterious.

With an all-or-nothing attitude, you might opt for opulence or a darker motif that arouses deep introspection. Regardless, you have a love of the unusual—made obvious by your collection of vintage oddities.

The Best Room Colors for Your Zodiac Sign

You should have at least one nook carved out for your cave-dwelling nature. Yes, the shower counts, but maybe you need a man-cave or a canopy bed. Life is an adventure for you, Sag! You are enamored by a big world full of possibility, and always eager to explore. Your home demonstrates your appreciation for world culture, artistry, and pleasure—as well as your laid-back vibe.

Ruled by expansive Jupiter, space is really important for you. You need tall ceilings and lots of natural lighting, if possible.

And while your office might be doomed to clutter you procrastinator, you , the bedroom should remain sacred. You are constantly finding new inspiration, which lends to your eclectic knack for mix-and-match. Pro tip: Try an accent ceiling to draw the eye upward in a tinier space.

Organized, classy, and ambitious, you work hard so that you can play hard. Your refined taste is showcased by your quality furniture and lack of clutter. As the cardinal earth sign, you are a natural leader.

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We can count on you for your steady, methodical outlook. Some might call you serious, but you just have good sensibility—which is why you believe less is more.

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  7. An open concept industrial space is just the thing for you, Aquarius. As an original and freethinking air sign, you require large, open spaces to encourage your creative mind. You are a social creature who loves to collaborate with others, so you and your friends can plot your world takeover on your choice collection of vintage leather chairs and suede sofas.

    Last of all of the signs, you are the most otherworldly. Being a water sign, you are a sensitive, enigmatic soul, so your home must become your true sanctuary.


    Ruled by philosophical Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, Pisceans are idealistic dreamers whose homes become manifestations of their rich inner world. Setting a chill mood naturally begins with mood lighting, a turntable and a ton of plants. We highly recommend a salt lamp to neutralize stress, and bonus points for a meditative water fountain. I read the privacy statement and accept all cookies. Open in app. Notification Center. Jun 4, , IST. The impact of these colours on various aspects of our life — emotional, intellectual, materialistic, physical and intuitive — is immeasurable.

    This is because every color has specific properties and characteristics that influence our moods, behavior and even lifestyle. During ancient times, learned men realized the significance of different colours, and associated them with corresponding planets, the seven major charkas energy centers in our body, and seven days of the week.

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    It is no surprise then that colours play a major role in the creation of a good vaastu environment. It is a well-known fact that colours are basically vibrations of light. When white light hits an object, certain wavelengths vibrations are emitted, and these form different colours.