Eat, pray, love, rinse, repeat. Where career is concerned, last month might have been one of your best career-advancement periods in two years. Is that true?? Can I buy you a drink to celebrate? Do you miss her or what???? No home buying for you until May 18th because of Venus, okay?

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Anywho, it will be a fun month for you, too. Friendship City, USA, here! Do your taxes or whatever but also, get ready to receive a huge chunk of money from sort of out of nowhere. It just seems like a weird snack to buy. Needs at least a person dialogue. In fact, see if you can put off decision making of this sort until after May 18th. Distract them with your white teeth or something. Take a day off, stay in that night and do Pretty Winter instead. At the same time, work shit will soar.

April 18, 12222

You just get to wear a slightly lower SPF. You can look back at it, for sure, though. Avoid facial reconstruction and aggressive time traveling during this time, too. Susan says that you Virgos are patient souls. My jeans are too tight for this airplane seat but what do you care!

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A billion dollars? Okay great!

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Venus will be in retrograde from the 4th to April 11th. Shaving their chests and whatnot. Or, it might have to do with business. Shit is getting sorted out regardless. Avoid radical beauty treatments during this time like cosmetic earlobe reconstruction or going from brunette to Creamsicle orange but by all means, shower. Oooh Stingbutt! Speaking of love, Neptune has designed some sort of personalized celestial sex dance in your honor!

By Whitney Phillips

Great social life ahead, too! Ditto that for a marathon of some sort you may be training for. The answer is always no. May I offer you some feng-shui tips? If any part of your career starts to feel sticky this month, Pluto will help you through it. You know what else will help you through it? Ooh baby. Hey, guess what? Bring Uranus back! Just be patient if you can. Hey Aquarius, stop buying guppies and sea snails to eat the algae off your aquarium.

March is the best time for your sign to ask for a raise in all of I am feeling much better than I have been feeling throughout the writing of these horoscopes. I got a nap in. I want to talk about new things with you, Virgirino. I want to go to places that horoscopes have never gone to before. Here are some tidbits and odds and ends of astrological info that you are def going to need: Mars is illuminating your tenth house of awards and achievements from now until May 15th, so you gotta hop on that success train, junebug!

Suze and I are not playing around on this one. If you can, also try for good publicity or an award by entering a contest, for when it comes to winning a new position, promotion, or professional recognition, the world is your oyster, dear Virgo. Like an oyster would! Hello fellow Libras, welcome, it is I, a double Libra sun and rising. So just imagine that we are sitting in a tea room that is floor-to-ceiling monochrome. The air is filled with a delightful and unplaceable scent — Italian anisette cookies, perhaps?

Is there a teak wood workshop somewhere in the vicinity? Now, before we move into the real meat and potatoes of our time together I have just one quick theory that I need you to confirm or refute in the comment section:. Libras like to match. We want to match our decor, we want to match our lovers, we are delighted when we meet a baby whose color pallet matches ours.

Matching is just SO satisfying to my aesthetic desires. Am I alone? Now that the theory has been proposed, we can move on to pressing issues of cosmic significance.

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As you probably know because you have presumably been a Libra your whole life, we were born under the sign of partnerships. Oh my gosh, Scorpio, all I want to do is lounge with you on a variety of victorian fainting couches and watch rom-coms while heavily sedated. But it turns out that that is not what the stars have in the cards for you, sugarplum. This new moon is all up in the work sector of your chart, which means that you will have all kinds of opportunities coming your way. There is huge potential for you to innovate and make big moves in your career, but it could get pretty heavy.

Instead of our fainting couch party, Suze thinks you should get out and get sporty to blow off some steam hmu with ideas for sports that can be played from a position of repose. Exercise and a little quiet private time for yourself in the morning or after work will be helpful for it will act as a valve to handle stress. We can still lounge. You will just have to plan around all the busy business things.

I love to handle this full moon on the 19th. Suze is directing our attention to Uranus around this time.

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Just get a lot of rest, start doing some core work, and practice open, brave communication with your partner. Greetings moonbeam, you rainbow in the night, welcome to April.

Daily Horoscope: March 27th to March 29th

I hope that wherever you are, you are about to pack away the winter coat and bust out the organza, which I am just gonna put it out there, is THE fabric for spring. There are very social vibrations in your world this month, you charmer. Now, that is, of course, a very fun thing that I am personally super excited for you about. But I am open to having my mind changed! So yeah, live your best life this month — leave the house, wear an espadrille, be everything I cannot be, Sag.

Now, be careful not to overextend yourself financially. The tight finances you feel now will be temporary. Hey baby! I heard from some Caps in my life that this was an especially hard one. Luckily, the stars have aligned to give you a perfect window for a lil getaway. Are you tired of this aqueous metaphor? I am too.

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Now, this is going to be a real tense time for you in the career realm because of Uranus and stuff. Suze thinks you could be weighing some big moves right now. Trust your gut, keep pushing through it. If I could, I would hold you in my arms like a wee baby and parade you around town introducing you to everyone as the most wonderful angel that has worked so hard and deserves to eat pistachio gelato for every meal. Now before you start to freak out, there is such good news!

At this full moon, you will have incredibly lucky help from Jupiter, in ideal angle to the Sun in your home sector and to the moon in your career and reputation sector. It seems a powerful person behind the scenes is impressed with you and will go out of his or her way to help you solve whatever sudden problem you will be faced with. Even if things are challenging right now, you need to know that there is a person sitting in her sleek office gazing out her floor-to-ceiling windows at the city, steepling her fingers, and thinking, Somewhere out there, there is a Capricorn who shall inherit my empire.